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As a wholesaler, S&S Party Supplies has been servicing retail party supply shops, catering firms and corporate events since  it began in 1994. We have the buying volume to source globally and deal directly with manufactures and distributors to get real price discounts which are passed onto our customers.

We stock and deliver a wide range of party supplies. Whether the occasion is a kid’s themed party, engagement, or corporate opening, we have a diverse product range that can cater for all your events,

We specialise in balloons and accessories, decorations and tableware which include paper and plastic disposable products.

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Balloons give immediate impact to your event or occasion. Having the right style and colour of balloons to suit your occasion indicates that something special will take place.

We have a huge range of balloons that vary in colour, size and shape for different occasions including; foil, latex and printed balloons.

 We offer premium brands of balloons that are helium graded and are designed to last as long as possible, while still bringing the brightness and ambience that you would expect from professional helium balloons. 

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Balloon Types






Balloon Accessories and Decorations

Adding accessories to your balloons makes the room more welcoming. They allow you to style the room in a particular way such as casual or formal. Or contrast or complement you main colour theme. They also give you structure and balance to your particular theme.

Using curling ribbons and bows, and attaching weights means the balloons remain where you place them. Ribbons come in many shades of colour allowing you to complement or contrast your balloon colours.

 We stock a wide variety of balloon accessories such as; Weights, decorative spangles, ribbons, clips, hanging decorations, ribbons and much more.
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Tableware and Catering Products

Disposable tableware and catering products make parties and functions a lot simpler to manage. You also have more time to spend with your guests and enjoying the party. And if you are organising a corporate event or function, you do not have to worry about heavy and expensive plates or cutlery. Nor worry about the time to clean up after the event, as all the paper towels and plastic cups are easily disposed of and ready for recycling.

  • We have, serviettes and napkins in a variety of sizes and colours
  • Heavy duty plastic and paper table covers
  • A wide variety of plastic plates, ranging, snack plates, large oval plates or economy standard plates to desert bowls. These also come in a variety of colours.
  • Cutlery includes standard spoons, knives and forks to desert spoons, in different colours
  • Drinkware and plastic cups are available in coloured, clear and in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs
  • A wide range of plastic and foil trays and platters

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Products Include

Plastic glasses and cups

Plastic cutlery

Plastic plates in many colours & forms

Paper napkins

Paper towels


Aluminium serving trays

Table covers

Tableware Accessories
Serving trays paper towels, foils and many other items to make your catering event easier
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